Emanuela Pirré, Milan

Teacher of publishing, web and Blog Management, Accademia del Lusso, Milan

"Enthusiasm, energy, strength, dynamism, resourcefulness: if anybody would ask me to describe Giulia Bernasconi in few worlds, I would, without any doubt choose this ones.

We had the pleasure to meet each other in the occasion of a course, and as a teacher, I was impressed with her curiosity, even though the path she has done so far was already very rich and full of knowledge.

There is in Giulia a constant eager to go far and behind, this kind of eager represent a good professional: Giulia manage to use her experiences and at the same time she manage to look forward in the future, always wanting more".

Paula Palacios Angulo, London

F&B controller, JHD Hospitality
Ex assistant Manager at 2-22 Bar & Restaurant by The Landmark Hotel, London

“Giulia joined the team as Assistant Manager and since then, her hard work and stamina has proved to be a valuable asset for the team and also for the hotel, and therefore she was promoted to Restaurant Manager. Her ability to do the given work consistently without making mistakes and keeping the team motivated, trained and delivering top quality of service makes her a good manager.

Her responsibilities included keeping track of all the required resources, managing employees and taking care of customers personally. She is a very good administrator and understands the economics of restaurant business.

I have found Giulia to be: reliable, accountable, concerned about quality, transparent, a good communicator, analytical, someone with strong development skills, someone with good project management skills

I am sure she will be an added asset to your company and will not give you a chance to complain”.

Michael S. Gambino, London

Product Manager at Tourico Holidays
Ex waiter at 2-22 Bar & Restaurant by The Landmark Hotel, London

“I had the pleasure of learning from Giulia when we worked together at the Landmark London Hotel. This was my first extensive professional experience (had only undertaken summer jobs prior) and I am glad that I had the opportunity to be in her team. She ensured we received training on a weekly basis and was always committed to receiving feedback from the team in order to improve. My greatest appreciation was when she gave me the responsibility to occasionally to run the restaurant during her meetings with Management”.

Julien Jauffret, London

Investment Advisor, National Bank Financial
Ex waiter at 2-22 Bar & Restaurant by The Landmark Hotel, London

"Giulia and I worked together at the Landmark, London, where she was the manager of the Two Twenty Two restaurant. Giulia was extremely comfortable working in a fast-paced environment. She was always supportive of our colleagues and customers. She will make a tremendous addition to any team working in a stressful environment".

Gaëlle Thebault, Paris

Human Resources Assistant by Four Seasons, George V, Paris

"Gifted with a great adaptation skills, always trying to do her best, Giulia managed of integrate herself in the service. With a pleasant character, able in her tasks, serious and willing to learn her job, we were fully satisfy during her stage with us.

This is the reason for which we would definitely recommend Giulia for a future collaboration".

Claire Sullivan

Office Manager & Mystery Diner Programme Co-ordinator

“Giulia has been a valuable member of my Mystery Diner Team for a year. Giulia’s responsibilities were to commit to a Mystery Diner visit on a monthly basis & report on her experience by means of a standards report. She was required to make observations & comments based on a set of standards & produce a report that would be used as a tool to improve the customer experience.

Whilst working with Giulia I have found her to be reliable, committed to the process & dedicated to giving the best feedback possible based on her experience”.

Pierre Tami, Phmon Penh


"I was initially impressed with Ms Giulia Bernasconi’s enthusiasm, skills and professional demeanor when she volunteered her services early this year here in Cambodia. During her three months of service Ms Bernasconi reported to the project manager, a Swiss Hotelier with 40 years of experience in the hotel industry. She has helped shaping the preparations of two important new projects, the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts of Cambodia and a restaurant chain with a major local partner. I heartily endorse her for any position in the Hotel and Restaurant industry.

Ms. Bernasconi is reliable, self motivated and upbeat; she worked well in the small team and way always willing to pick up all kind of tasks. During her time with us she also helped out a social enterprise in Phnom Penh, Hagar Catering and Facility Management”.

Agnieszka Lorek, London

Director of Operation F&B by The Landmark Hotel, London

"During her employment Giulia has showed high commitment to the company and great ownership. She is highly self-motivated individual with huge charisma which reflects on her team and makes Giulia natural leader and role model.

In Twotwentytwo Restaurant and Bar Giulia had the opportunity to train and coach people from different cultures and backgrounds. During her time as a Manager she was responsible for team of 15 of various age. Yet being young Manager through her drive, fairness and ability to motivate she earned great respect of the team and all colleagues from The Landmark team.

I hope that you will give Giulia the opportunity to be part of your organization. I am confident that she will share her passion and drive, even though she will be greatly missed at Landmark Hotel London".