Services: Training


D-Plan believes that superior knowledge makes the difference between adequate service and excellent service. One must be able to rely on a trained and prepared staff to address and satisfy the needs of increasingly demanding and experienced customers.



Booking and reception management

First impressions count. When you are better able to manage first contact with a customer, half of your work is already done. Indeed, the consumer experience begins at the exact moment when a guest contacts a facility to book a table or hotel room.

How do employees behave on the phone? How do they respond to emails? What can be done in reception to put the customer at ease?

Who: Restaurateurs and hoteliers
Where: At the client’s facility

Service management

Excellent service is based on a reliable and consolidated routine, one that is impeccable and attentive to every detail. Through this training, D-Plan helps the client to identify proper service procedures in accordance with the most apt methods of management and organization in the working day. At the end of this course, D-Plan delivers a personalized service checklist based on the needs of the client and the type of structure and product.

Who: Restaurateurs and hoteliers
Where: At the client’s facility



Customer needs

Today’s customers are different from those of the past. They have access to vast amounts of information, are tempted by offers that go beyond territorial boundaries and are ever more aware of their needs and choices. This is why understanding customers – what their needs are, what they want and why they should return – is vital if you want to maximize your business. This training will give you the confidence to deal effectively with every type of customer, from families to business executives.

Who: Restaurateurs and hoteliers
Where: At the client’s facility

Employee menu expertise

It may seem obvious, but it is important that servers are be able to answer any question a customer may have about the menu. The server’s knowledge testifies to the establishment’s competence and unity. That’s why D-Plan offers a course on acquiring in-depth knowledge of menu offerings, including the characteristics of a dish, ingredients, possible allergens, combinations and pairings, etc.

Who: Restaurateurs and hoteliers with catering service
Where: At the client’s facility



Wine and other beverage management

Wine has always occupied an exalted place in the popular imagination. It is no coincidence that, since ancient times, many writers, thinkers and poets have written rapturously about the “nectar of the gods”. Today, more than ever, the culture of good wine is flourishing, so customers expect impeccable preparation when ordering this product from restaurateurs.

D-Plan offers personalized consultation that provides our clients with advanced knowledge about wines, liqueurs and spirits, allowing them to be confident in answering any customer questions or needs. We address how each beverage is served, which grapes are used, food pairings, making recommendations and, ultimately, how to promote wine and other beverages in a way that benefits your business.

Who: Restaurateurs and hoteliers with catering service
Where: At the client’s facility

Coffee service and management

Despite being prepared and served differently in every culture, coffee is perhaps the world’s favourite beverage, and it is particularly essential to Italian culture. However, it can’t always be taken for granted that coffee will be served as a work of art.

That’s why D-Plan offers a personalized course on the art of preparing coffee. Together, we will discover what it takes to provide customers with an superb coffee experience, from the purchase and preservation of raw materials to machine maintenance.

Who: Restaurateurs and hoteliers with catering service
Where: At the client’s facility



Other courses on demand

The services offered by a restaurant or a hotel are many and D-Plan is aware of that. For this reason, D-Plan has created an exclusive collaboration with the expert, William Randini, Maitre d’Hotel with federal diploma and company trainer A.F.A.S.I., with whom we can offer many other courses, that will satisfy the needs of our clients.

Some examples ?

  • Banqueting and catering management
  • Different types of table preparations (flambé, fish debone, … )
  • Sales and behaviors
  • The theory of the service

Who: Restaurateurs and hoteliers with catering service
Where: At the client’s facility