The strength of D-Plan lies in consulting and training services that are tailor-made and delivered directly to the client’s workplace. Totally immersing oneself in a situation and understanding its characteristics and peculiarities is the only way to build something that is distinctive and unique. It is no coincidence that the word CUSTOMIZATION is crucially important to D-Plan.

For the hotel and catering sectors, we offer:



D-Plan believes that superior knowledge makes the difference between adequate service and excellent service. One must be able to rely on a trained and prepared employees to address and satisfy the needs of increasingly demanding and experienced customers.

  • Booking and reception management
  • Service management
  • Customer needs
  • Employee menu expertise
  • Wine and other beverage management
  • Coffee service and management
  • Other courses on demand


D-Plan’s consulting service directs clients to the most appropriate areas of improvement for their products and services. Through a methodological analysis of a client’s situation, D-Plan formulates a concrete and personalized plan for development.

  • Interview methods and management
  • Employee management
  • Menu engineering and management
  • Promotion and special-event management
  • Online/offline advertising and social media


Mystery Diner

The Mystery Diner service is a secret test that assesses the quality of a client’s product and service, which are judged by international standards within the sector. This strategic tool improves customer service and satisfaction.

Study Support

D-Plan provides help and support for those following a training course in the service arts, including hospitality school and other courses.


D- for Development

“There is no success without growth. There is no growth without development.”